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Alex Becker On What’s Working in SEO

As you can see, this video was released in 2013 but I decided to share it with you here because many of the tips are still beneficial in 2014. Hope you find it useful.

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What is your biggest marketing challenge?

what are your seo questions?Here at Redsy we REALLY want to help you better understand marketing. Please leave a question below and we would be thrilled to answer it for you.

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It seems like every few weeks a new Google Algorithm update is released. While the recent updates have not been as detrimental to those working regularly in the SEO field, to the average business owner they are
confusing at best. The SEO field also has a town crier that announces every
algorithm update birth leading people to believe one of the many catch phrases
of 2013 and 2014 including:

  • Content is King
  • Create Great Content·
  • Content Marketing is the “New SEO”·
  • SEO is Dead ·
  • Technical SEO is Dead·
  • Inbound Marketing is the “New SEO”·
  • Link Building is Dead·
  • PPC Marketing will replace SEO

Go Ahead, Tweet These! Your Friends will enjoy.

Did I miss any? Probably, but I am sure you will hear them
plenty of times before the next set of dire warnings are handed down. If you
take a moment to think about it, the “experts” are telling us that nothing
works for SEO, rubbish! Now that we have gotten that out of the way, here is
what you should know as a small business owner, link builder, or anyone
attempting SEO.

Guest Posting- A Link Building Staple

Guest posting on high quality sites is a great link building
method, just avoid over optimized anchor text or using the exact same author
bio every time. Do not forget about the power of co-citation, which is
basically the act of mentioning relevant terms near the actual link back to
your site using a branded anchor text of naked URL. Here is an example, let’s
say my target keyword is “St Louis SEO”, my co-citation may look something like

“ Stellar SEO, a St Louis SEO company which serves small business owners through education and
practical marketing advice is dedicated to helping you increase your rankings,
website traffic, and conversions. Learn more at”

As you can see, the actual link to my site would be
“” but around the link is a good description of what we offer our
target keyword and some related terms. That is how co-citation can be used for
link building without anchor text. As Google further improves, this will become
an even more effective technique.

Making a Natural Link Profile while Generating Traffic

Guest posting is great, but it leaves a very noticeable
footprint. If you are going to build links through guest posts (you should be)
then you also need to build other types of links to create a natural link
profile. As you have likely heard, many of the former link building methods
that were used for SEO no longer offer very much value in that area. Just
because they do not offer a great deal of SEO value does not mean that they are
not valuable though. This brings us to the main topic of this post, hedging
your links. So, just what does that mean? Simply put, you should build links
solely for the purpose of generating traffic and links that are for SEO and
traffic. Below we are going to take a look at each method of building links for
traffic and how you can do so more effectively.

Blog Commenting

Spammed to death by shady SEO companies, the marked as
no-follow by webmasters, blog commenting has gotten its fair share of bad
publicity. Luckily, since many people are finally realizing in offers little
SEO value and webmasters have refined their eye for spam, the value of
commenting has be reincarnated. Sure, for SEO purposes it is not valuable but
for traffic, this is a goldmine. Let’s say you are in the SEO field, visit
authority sites like SEJ read new posts
and leave a comment that adds real value to the post, done properly, you will
get a good deal of referral traffic. Do this on a few of the top websites in
your niche daily and the traffic will flow to your website.

Forum Posting

Much like blog commenting, this method has been used and abused for the
past several years. Forget about spamming tons of forums, instead find just a
few forums that are niche related and own them. Post regularly, answer
questions and let people see you are the expert in your field. This sends
relevant traffic directly to your website, Win!

Content Marketing

This method has been used for years by non SEO marketers and
abused by SEOs for a while as well. Guest posting is the latest incarnation of
this method and for now it works great for SEO. Even if guest posting had
little or no SEO value, it would have the ability to drive hoards of traffic to
your website. “Create great content they
say, it will bring you traffic they say”. <== (Tweet It…Please?) Who
doesn’t want to create great content? If you are taking the time to write, you
want it to be great; but how? I like to mine sites like Yahoo Answers to find
questions that are commonly asked and then create posts answering them in great

Once you master the art of generating referral traffic using
the above methods, you can rest easily knowing that even a temporary drop in
your organic rankings due to the latest algorithm update will not completely
eliminate your website traffic. If you are interested in any way to drive
traffic to your website, give pay per click marketing a try and enjoy instant
visitors while SEO and referral traffic is building.

Stellar SEO is a St Louis SEO Company that is revolutionizing the SEO industry and driving high quality, targeted traffic to
websites through search and exceptional link building strategies. We are
dedicated to customer satisfaction and we would be happy to answer any
questions that you may have about our services. We hope to hear from you soon!


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Ecommerce SEO- Common Mistakes to Avoid

Ecommerce Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing - Infographic
Ecommerce Marketing Software – All-In-One Inbound Marketing Software

Ecommerce SEO is different than SEO for regular sites. You often have way more pages and the layout of Ecommerce sites does not always allow for text rich pages. Couple that with the lack of image optimization that many E-commerce sites suffer from and it is easy to see why you can spend months trying to improve your site without a single boost in the SERPs Below we are going to cover three easy ways you can improve your Ecommerce SEO.

1.       Create Unique Product Descriptions.

May Ecommerce site owners are tempted to use the product descriptions on the manufacturers website. Doing this will result in a site full of duplicate content that is not going to rank very well, if it ranks at all. If you do nothing else, take the time to re-write the descriptions in your own words and include keywords in them as well.

2.       Forgetting About Image Alt Text and File Names

Chances are the majority of your website content is going to be images. Including a relevant alt text with each image and including your target keyword for the product in the alt text and image file name will help you increase the relevancy of you site in the eyes of search engines. You should refrain from stuffing several keywords into a single image though as it will likely be viewed as spam.

3.       Forgetting Site Maps and Robot.txt

Site maps and robot.text are like expressways for search engines to crawl your site. You need a Google friendly sitemap for all content on your page. This includes creating an image and video sitemap as well. Robot.txt files tell bots whether to crawl your pages and how to do so. Make sure you have not accidentally set these as no-follow when designing the site.


While the three steps will only make a dent in your overall Ecommerce SEO, they are some of the most common mistakes I find when consulting with new clients. Make sure you are not making these mistakes on your site.

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